Saori Japan Magnet Crepe
2900,00 kr
Designed with a fitted waist, creating effortless volume, ending in a full length skirt in a beautiful Japanese crepe fabric.
+ Description
Made in Portugal.

The elegant Saori. Designed with a fitted hip that creates an effortless volume, before ending in a full length, slightly A-lined skirt.

Made in a beautiful crepe fabric woven by Komon Kobo, the Saori dress exhibits a fluid and elegant drape, while feeling light and breathable on the skin.

- Polyester crepe woven by Komon Kobo in Japan
- Zipper at back of neck, made by YKK in Portugal
- Stitched with durable poly core thread
- Cut & Sewn by Stork, Portugal
+ Care

To ensure that your garment will last and stay as nice as possible, we recommend following these simple steps when washing:

- Always turn your garment inside-out before washing
- Use a gentle detergent suited for silk, wool and delicates
- Wash cold, 30C, on a delicate programme. Or hand wash
- Never use fabric softener
- Hang dry

Spot clean with lemon soap for easy and efficient stain removal.

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